Successful launch of 10,000+ Chinese products,
Chengdu World Goods Award.

'IPLK' system Analysis and Consultation Board

IPLKAC International Product Number Analysis Association

The number of uses has come up, the number of uses has come

5 countries

We have 5 national companies worldwide

10 years

10 years + cross-border electricity market tour

500 houses

500 jobs + domestic and overseas projects

3200th place

3200+ domestic and international sponsors


Real enterprise growth amount $39,300,000

2,000,000,000th order

Global publicity media exposure amount 20 yen + next


Our meeting room①

Standard product plate independent store

The company is an overseas company, the basics of product labeling and target groups, advanced UI / UX design, the building of a network, so that the customer can quickly decide on the target list, and the content and model of the improved network.
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Our meeting room②

Media accusation released

Overseas mainstream social media such as Facebook / Instagram, potential interest groups, fixed target list, standard broadcasting media notification, independent station flow, offer conversion rate.
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Our meeting meal③

IPLKAC certification

Provides all-round cross-border electric business consultants, knowledge and skills, and reduces investment costs.
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Official cooperation gift

Major Members

Partial collaboration example

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We are a wealthy family.

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